Mariam Alammadi is an award winning bahraini psychologist in Bahrain with ten years experience. 

Welcome to Mariam's website

Welcome to Mariam's website

Welcome to Mariam's website Welcome to Mariam's website Welcome to Mariam's website



Mariam Alammadi has been working in the mental health sector for the last ten years. She is a licensed psychologist and has experience in working for an NGO, counsellor, youth leader and creating workshops. She is the founder of the Child Foundation Center & CFC Psychology a psychological center that provides specialized care in counseling and milestone development. In 2012 she opened her first private practice in Bahrain and was selected to represent Bahrain in the prestigious “International Youth Leadership Program” in United States in their program “Preventing & Confronting Domestic Abuse and Violence”. 

Mariam was elected as a committee member of the Middle Eastern Psychological Association (MEPA) in 2017 and re-elected in 2019.  She was awarded the “Top 50 Smart Healthcare Leaders Award” in recognition of her contribution to Healthcare in the November 2018. Mariam was selected and featured on WOW WOMEN a platform which tells the extraordinary stories of women around the world in January 2019. In March 2019 Mariam won the “Bahrain Women Achiever’s Award 2019” from the Royal Hospital for Women & Children for her work in female empowerment and mental health. In December 2019 received an IFAH Award for her work in the field of Mental Health and Psychology. Mariam was awarded Vestire Women Of 2020 by Al Salaam Magazine in March 2020.   Mariam was noted as one 2020 Bahrain’s Most Influential Women under the Entrepreneurship Category. Awarded by Businesses in the Gulf, March 2020.

One of Mariam’s goals is spreading the message of breaking the stigma of mental health in the MENA region and pushing the message of female empowerment. She has begun psychological research into the mindfulness practices in Bahraini Schools with a team of other esteemed professionals and The Ministry of Education. In 2017 she founded Afkarech Female Network & Think Tank in which women are encouraged to develop personally, professionally and socially with monthly meetings, social events, monthly workshops and collaborations with other female lead organizations in Bahrain. In 2018 Afkarech was short-listed as the best Bahraini Voluntary Project. Mariam is also a board member of Shamsaha a crisis response line for women the only crisis response line in Arabic and English 24hours across the world. Mariam was a contributor to the book “Women on Success” published March 2020. 

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Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

Mariam has been working in the mental health sector for more than ten years. She has worked in Ireland, The United Kingdom, The United States of America and in currently based in Umm Al Hassam, Bahrain. 

After the success of the Child Foundation Center and the high demand it was expanded to CFC Psychology which offers adult psychological services. Mariam is passionate about ensuring high quality therapeutic care in the Kingdom. 

She is responsible for many mental health campaigns such as "End Cyber Bullying", "Mental Wealth Bahrain Initiative" and a free chat portal that offer psychological advice from licensed therapists. 


Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

Mariam has a keen interest in women empowernment and in 2017 she founded AFKARECH a female professional network and think tank which has been going from strength to strength conveying the need for more networks likes this in the GCC region. 

The name AFKARECH as it literally translates to “your ideas (female)” in Arabic. A think tank for young women in which to be supported to reach their full potential. AFKARECH is intended to be a positive light to all women.

Everyone can join Afkarech and it is open to women of all nationalities and ages. To find out more details please contact directly or follow the link above to get more information. 



Women Empowerment


Mariam has a keen interest in writing and has been writing for publications such as;

Alayam Newspaper

Middle Eastern Medical Bulletin

Time out Bahrain & Dubai

Mums in Bahrain

King Hamad University Hospital Magazine

Appearances on:

Bahrain TV

Dubai TV

Current Research Projects:

The influence of mobile applications on mental health. 

An investigation into the effect of mindfulness practices. 

Research into how to improve life for women in Bahrain.

Contributed chapter to the book "Women On Success" which features chapters from successful women around the globe. Will be published March 2020

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